Google has announced major new features coming to Android, Chromebooks, Wearables and more during 2022. These were announced during CES 2022 in a blog post after Google pulled their physical presence due to concerns over COVID-19.

Android and other Google Devices

Chromebook setup and integration

Android Chromebook onboarding

Google has officially announced that fast pair, Google’s process for quickly setting up and connecting new devices, is officially coming to Chrome OS devices over the next few weeks. This will allow Chromebooks to easily detect and setup new devices with less hassle and less effort than what was previously required with setting up Bluetooth devices. They also announced that starting later this year people will be able to use their android device to set up a new Chromebook. This process will automatically transfer your Wi-Fi passwords and Google credentials in an effort to make the setup process easier for new users.

Android Chromebook integration

Google also announced that they will be bringing improvements to phone hub on Chrome OS by allowing users to open chat apps from their phone on their Chromebook without having to reinstall the application on their Chromebook as well. They also announced that they’re adding the ability for people to view their Camera Roll directly on their Chromebook.

Locking and Unlocking your other devices

Android Wear OS unlock

Google have announced that in the next few months people will be able to use their Wear OS devices to unlock their Chromebooks and Android phone or tablet when their close by. They also revealed that phones with Ultra Wideband technology will be able to unlock their car without even needing to be taken out of peoples pockets and that people will be able to share their car keys with family and friends.

Pixel 6 car unlock

Sharing Media across devices

Back in 2021, Apple announced that they would be making it possible for people to connect their Airpods to multiple Apple devices and have them switch between devices when an audio source is detected on one of the other devices. Today, Google announced that they are building a similar experience for android which will work between devices from multiple manufacturers such as Samsung and others, they are also bringing spatial audio to supported devices, These features will be available on supported devices in the next few months. Google also announced that fast pair enabled devices will be able to connect to Google TV or Android TV devices.

Android on other ecosystems

matter enabled devices

Matter fast setup

In preparation for the release of the matter smart home standard in mid 2022 Google has announced that you’ll be able to use fast pair to connect to matter-enabled devices within your home. This new setup process will also allow users to connect their matter enabled devices to Google Home and all accompanying applications much quicker and with much less effort.