Apple allowing reader apps to link to outside account creation

1 minute read

Apple have announced that companies such as Netflix and Spotify will be able to have a link on their service allowing users to create an account or upgrade the subscription that they use through the company’s website. This is incredible news for the Tech Industry as it’s the first time a mobile app store has officially allowed apps to link to an outside website so that users can create their accounts.

However, this does come with the caveat that developers will need to apply for an “External Link Account Entitlement” which will allow them to add links into their applications to go to a website of the app. If a developer gets approval for the External Link Account Entitlement, then they will have to first show a warning page showing Apple has no control over the website that the user is going too as pictured above. This makes sense for apple to do it in this way as it resolves them of any legal responsibility for what happens once the user leaves their platform.

In order for developers to qualify for the “External Link Account Entitlement” they will also have to follow certain rules including not using in-app purchases in their app, allowing users to sign in to their account in the app, allow people to access content purchased outside of the app and not provide person-to-person services.

This is a first for any major app store platform and shows a good step in the right direction even if it doesn’t quite go as far as some developers may like it to go. Developers can apply for the entitlement today and it will be available for developers to use in an “upcoming beta release of iOS and iPadOS”