Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X Price and Release Date

2 minute read

Microsoft has just announced the Xbox Series X Price and it’s quite less then previously reported at just £450 GBP or $500 USD and it launches on November 10th. Previously we had been hearing it would be about $600 or more but this is much more reasonable and exactly matches the prices of the previous Xbox One X which makes this feel more the direct replacement it’s meant to be.

However, if that sounds too expensive for you then there is some good news as that is not the only way to pay. Xbox are also expanding the Xbox all-access program that allows you to pay for a console over a 24 month period and also includes Xbox game pass ultimate which is the best deal in gaming I have ever seen as it includes Xbox game pass for Console and PC, Xbox live gold and later this year it will include EA play for Xbox and PC at no extra cost. This will cost £28.99 a month with no upfront cost or added interest and personally I would say that is a very good deal considering what you get for your money.

The Xbox Series X has the best specs I have ever seen in a console except for the SSD which is just outmatched by Sony’s PS5 SSD. But SSD aside the Series X is truly a console to love with sporting 12 Teraflops of Power and true 4K gaming at 120fps. It also has a one Terabyte SSD which is definitely enough space to use for your games and that is expandable as always.

The new Console also supports ray tracing which is a lighting effect that allows for light to be reflected off of objects in games at much higher detail and accuracy. This can be seen in the photos of the Minecraft raytracing demo. As you can see in the images below the difference between ray tracing on and off is night and day and in my opinion makes the game look much better then it has previously and I can’t wait to give it a try at some point.

The form factor of the console has caused some conflict and is commonly being referred to as a refrigerator by consumers when they see it even though its still small enough to fit in your average entertainment centre. Either way I personally think it looks impressive as a new console and would love to have one in my gaming room to replace my original Xbox One.

I may not be able to do a full review of this console as I will only be able to afford either the series X or series S but I will do a review of one of the two consoles when they are released.