EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

1 minute read

EA Play has joined Xbox Game Pass (XGP) Ultimate today, coinciding with the release of the new Xbox Series X and S and giving access to 90 more games in the XGP Ultimate service. This means that anyone with a XGP Ultimate subscription can access and download some of the latest and greatest games in EA’s library including Jedi: Fallen Order which was added to the Play List today as part of the Xbox Launch.

EA Play includes some of EA’s most popular games including: FiFA, Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies, Mass Effect and more. The inclusion of this in the XGP Ultimate service means that for lots of people they may not need to buy a new game for months if they choose to attempt to play through the plethora of games available to them for just £10.99 a month.

The timing of this update in relation to the release of the Xbox Series X and S is no coincidence. This allows Microsoft to offer Xbox users a massive library of games to play on launch day whilst only having one launch title for the console coming in 2020. It will be interesting to see how this strategy plays out when this is compared to the PS5 which has a bigger launch line-up and launches on November 12th in certain markets and November 19th in other Markets.

I personally can’t wait to start playing these games on my Series X from tomorrow when they’ve downloaded, I got the console today but games take ages to download, and I’ll be releasing an article with my thoughts on the new console and it’s features at some point during the start of the Christmas holidays.