Microsoft have announced some major updates coming to Xbox Game Streaming

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Xbox Center of gaming

On Thursday, Microsoft released lots of information regarding updates for Xbox cloud gaming. This was done in the form of a pre-E3 media only briefing and a press release. This shows that microsoft are primarily going to be focusing on games during their E3 conference on Sunday with less of a focus on hardware and services announcements with the exception of new games coming to game pass. Let’s see what they announced.

Xbox Game Streaming on iOS and Web

Xbox Cloud Gaming Web Home Xbox Cloud Gaming Web Game Page Xbox Cloud Gaming Web Load Screen

On Thursday, Microsoft announced that Xbox cloud gaming for web and iOS will be coming out of beta and made available to the general public in a few weeks time for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers. This is very big news as Xbox Streaming for web and iOS was only launched earlier this year in beta and it’s now coming to the general public in a few weeks time.

In my experience, the web version of Xbox cloud gaming is quite often a very smooth experience especially when playing over an ethernet connection. Of course, this will vary from person to person due to the differences in people’s internet connections and varying distances to the nearest data center with Xbox Server Blades.

However, if pc gaming is something that you are considering using in the long term then I do recommend that you try and see what can be found for a decent price but while the current shortage of pc parts continues then I would say that cloud gaming is definitely something that people should consider as an alternative in the mean time.

Xbox cloud gaming on TV

Microsoft also announced that they would be starting to work with tv manufacturers to bring an Xbox cloud gaming app to smart tv platforms so that everyone can easily access the xbox ecosystem whilst only having to buy a new controller instead of either an xbox or a new pc. This will massively expand the reach that Xbox can gather because people will be able to sign up for game pass, buy a controller and then just start streaming on their tv without having to go out and buy a dedicated piece of hardware with the exception of an Xbox controller.

However, not everyone has an internet connected tv and Microsoft is aware of this. In an effort to combat this issue they have announced that they will also be releasing a dedicated streaming device of their own so that people who don’t own a smart tv or other type of streaming stick can get easy access to the Xbox ecosystem. We don’t know if it will allow access to other streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix or not and we also don’t know when it will be released but I am personally looking forward to this device being released.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft also announced that they are looking into other subscription offerings that could have a lower price for users who are only able to access the streaming service. We don’t have any other information on this yet but I think it’s a good idea and will bring the gaming experience to more homes.

Xbox Game Studios have also said that their goal is to release at least one new game every quarter. This is a very good sign because exclusive games is definitely something that has been missing from the xbox ecosystem in recent years and I am looking forward to seeing the new releases in the forza, fable and halo franchises.


Overall, this is a very good sign to see Microsoft talking about their investments in Xbox and that they are still dedicated to making Xbox the best platform that they can. We may also hear more about this during the E3 stream on June 13th but I am personally looking forward to seeing all of the new games that xbox and bethesda are working on and the new exclusives that are hopefully coming to Xbox soon.