The Microsoft Store is actually good now

1 minute read

The Microsoft Store has been considered a failure since it was introduced with the release of Windows 8 in 2012. It was then revamped in 2015 when Windows 10 was released to allow for UWP applications. For all of this time the Microsoft Store on Windows devices has not allowed developers to submit standard Win32 applications, instead developers had to package their applications as .appx files and they also had to use Microsoft’s payment platform.

In Windows 11 this has all changed, not only can developers submit applications regardless of how they are packaged but they can also use their own payment solutions and not pay Microsoft a cut of their earnings. However, this doesn’t apply to games on the Microsoft Store. These changes have led to applications such as Adobe Acrobat reader DC, Zoom and OBS Studio. More applications are being added everyday and this is allowing developers an easy way to introduce users too their applications and is also great for userswho want to be sure that the applications they use are safe.

It’s also important for lawmakers because it provides them with an example of a platform which allows developers to submit applications without having to use a dedicated payment system that is owned by the platform holder. This is important because it will allow lawmakers to enforce much stricter laws regarding competition on platforms such as Android and iOS.