On July 7th, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). This was rumoured to be a full upgrade to the original switch but is instead a small revision of an already amazing console making it just that little bit better. The new Switch will be released on 8th October for £309.99.

Here are all the new features

- OLED screen, still 720p
- a new kickstand
- a new dock that includes ethernet that's compatible with the old Switch

That’s it. That is all of the features for the new Switch.

What were we expecting

We first heard rumours about a new model of the Nintendo Switch in 2019 as the news regarding the next-gen consoles started ramping up. These rumours suggested that we would be getting a much more powerful console that’s capable of 4k output through the dock, a 1080p OLED display and an upgraded processor. However, what we got instead was a refreshed design over the original switch that gives us a much nicer OLED display, even if it does still have a 720p resolution, a much better kickstand which is pictured below, a new controller colour, and not much else.

This may sound like Nintendo just couldn’t be bothered to put any effort into making a new console, however, instead I would say that they simply put more thought into what actually needed to be restricted to a brand new console. Instead of releasing a brand new console that everyone supposedly has to buy and then saying you won’t be releasing your newest games on that the older console but then doing it anyway because there isn’t enough supply of the new console for people who want one to buy one, I’m looking at you Sony. They just updated some of the most important parts of the console that people were complaining about whilst still making the new dock compatible with the old Switch and the new dock compatible with the old Switch.