DuckDuckGo Desktop Browser

DuckDuckGo has officially announced that they are building a desktop version of their browse in a new post on their blog. The new browser will supposedly focus on privacy and have no ‘levels’ of privacy or complicated settings. The browser is supposedly going to allow privacy protection for “search, browsing, email, and more”.

According to their CEO Gabriel Weinberg the application will have some of the most popular features their mobile app including the Fire Button which allows users to delete all of their data with the click of a single button without any exception. The application also supposedly has a simple and clean user-interface to make using it easy for everyone.

The application will be based off of OS-provided rendering engines instead of being based on a fork of another browsing engine. Early tests also show that this new application is significantly faster than chrome as well which is a massive advantage for the application as it may help them to increase adoption on chrome.

According to DuckDuckGo their application is now the most downloaded browsing app o Android in major markets and number 2 on iOS. Their most recent survey has also supposedly shown that 27 million Americans use DuckDuckGo. The company has also introduced a built-in tool to prevent app tracking on Android and rolled out an email protection service that strips trackers away from their emails.