Nintendo announces a new version of Wii Sports for the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a new game for the switch known as’ Nintendo Switch Sports’ and is being released in April. The game will include Chambara (Swordplay), Football (Soccer for any Americans reading), Tennis, bowling, Badminton, and volleyball at launch with golf coming in an update in autumn of 2022. The game will support local and online multiplayer being included as well as support for Miis as well.

Soccer includes support for a free shot mode which can be played using a leg strap that is included with every physical version of the game or can be purchased separately online and will eventually be able to be used for full soccer matches in an update in summer.

Nintendo Switch Sports will be released on the 29th April 2022 with an online playtest taking place between the 18th and 20th February.